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Lloyd Croft - Smoove and Turrell/Paul Rose


Lloyd Croft is an official endorser of Dream Cymbals in the U.K.

Lloyd Croft is the drummer for Smoove and Turrell, a band from North East England who create a style of music they describe as 'Northern Funk'. The band’s contemporary sound fuses a variety of musical genres including funk, Northern Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz.
Aside from Smoove and Turrell, Lloyd also works with Blues guitarist Paul Rose and other artists.

Although cliched, Lloyds drumming career began very much as your typical 'pots and pans' affair. Except more cardboard boxes, cushions, magazines and tables arranged like a drum kit in his bedroom. His father Garry, a professional bassist, saw Lloyd’s passion and had Croft gigging alongside him in his first paid gig age 15.  Croft has been actively gigging since and still occasionally plays with his Father.

Croft has been fortunate enough to gig worldwide including tours of the U.K. as well as many European countries and Russia. He has also toured lesser-visited countries such as The Falkland Islands, Kosovo, and even Israel during the conflict in 2014.

Lloyd Croft is a fan of the Dream Dark Matter and Vintage Bliss lines, favouring the thinner, larger cymbals. He is looking forward to putting together a new setup for the Summer 2015 tours with Smoove and Turrell.

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