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Davie Ryan - The Hard Ground/The Niall McCabe Band/Jack O’ Rourke

Davie Ryan is an official endorser of Sakae Drums in the Republic of Ireland.

Davie has extensive experience both nationally and internationally as a touring and recording musician in a range of diverse genres including, pop, jazz, folk, rock, world and traditional music. Acts that he works with on a regular basis include The Hard Ground, The Niall McCabe Band, Jack O’ Rourke, Notify, Cormac McCarthy's Cottage Evolution, The Paul Dunlea Group, John Blek, Karen Underwood, Marlene Enright and Súp Jazz Trio.

He has wide-ranging expertise as a recording artist and has worked with many renowned studio producers, including Grammy award winning Jay Joyce (Tragedy/Tragedy Studios, Nashville), Ciaran Byrne (Cauldron Studios, Dublin), Christian Best (Monique Studios, Cork) and John Fitzgerald (Lettercullum Studios, West Cork). He is also Senior Drum Tutor at the CIT Academy of Popular Music.

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