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Jack Pollitt - Beyonce/Beverley Knight/Mamas Gun

Jack is an official endorser of Sakae in the UK.

Jack Pollitt was born and raised in London and started playing drums at the age of 10. It wasn't until 15 years old though that he finally got his first kit. Since then there's been no looking back.

For the last five years Jack has played in a band called Mamas Gun who have enjoyed number one hits in Japan, South Korea, and Germany. The band is currently gearing up to record their third album.

As a session player, Jack has worked with artists and producers such as Beyoncé Knowles, Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran, Beverley Knight, Lee Ryan, Nigel Godrich, Shapeshifters, Fran Healy, David McAlmont, Nelson Rangell, Dennis Rollins, David Arnold, Sam Brown, and many more. He was also responsible for laying down the drum track for Beyoncé’s huge international hit ‘Green Light’.

Jack has played on various film soundtracks, TV commercials, and has performed in the West End.

He is a visiting lecturer at LCCM (London College of Contemporary Music), and BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music) which is something Jack enjoys tremendously.

Jack says, "I am really excited to be playing Sakae Drums. As a company their high quality and attention to detail is famous, but the new ranges of drums, such as the 'Trilogy' which I am now playing, is the start of a whole new chapter in fantastic drum building"

For Mamas Gun, he uses 22"x 16" kick, 16"x 16" floor, and 12"x 8" tom, with a 14"x 5½" and 14" x 6½" snares.  He uses this set up for sessions also, but sometimes uses a 20" x 14" kick, 14" x 14" floor, and a 10" x 7" tom.

Some links of Jack's playing: - Mamas Gun/Beverley Knight - Beyoncé - Actual Proof - Mamas Gun - System - Mamas Gun Festival - Bicycle Race

MAMAS GUN are a UK band who have had varying success around the globe so far.

Some of their more significant achievements include:

- A number 1 record in Japan (where they were also the most played international act on Radio)

- Number 1 radio chart hit in Hong Kong and key performances at large international festivals such as Java Jazz, Indonesia and Pentaport, south Korea

- 5 playlist singles on BBC national radio in the UK

- Plus top 10 radio hits in Germany/Holland (including a number 1 on iTunes in Germany)

and playlist records in other parts of Europe including Italy and Spain

Mamas Gun have also regularly sold out tour dates in Asia (including in S. Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Indonesia) & have completed national Headline tours in Germany, Holland and UK.

This summer the band began working on their new album due for release early 2014.

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