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Product code: DCDMECRI21

After years of experimentation, we're excited to unveil our Eclipse Ride. Created by combining elements of our other lines with the Dark Matter series this versatile new half lathed ride features a beautifully lathed edge that quickly transforms into a raw, charred centre and stunning bell.
The Eclipse Ride provides players with the sturdy articulation of our Dark Matter rides paired with a bright cutting edge that is found in our Contact series, providing the player with a luscious wash. Get the best of both worlds with this exciting new Dream Cymbal.

The DARK MATTER family consists of three distinct models: Flat Earth, Moon Rides and Dark Matter Energy. Although the designed and production methods are very different for these three models, one thing they all have in common is that they have been through DREAM's special "Dark Matter Process".

This process involves returning an already finished cymbal to the ovens for repeated rounds of heating and hand hammering only then to shock it with a cold water bath. The result is a cymbal that is pure bronze on the inside, but with ash and soot from the oven fused with the top layer of metal.

DARK MATTERS are essentially cymbals that have been created twice.

Price: £329.00

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