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Product code: DCCSBF24

This cymbal has a smooth crystal sound with a gentle wash that stays out of the way of the sound of the stick. This cymbal has a half cup bell and thicker profile resulting in a higher pitched, brighter sound with a well balanced spectrum of overtones. Unleashed with accents, this 24 will roar when provoked and possess all the stick stroke seen in true flats while retaining unparalleled responsiveness.

The Contact series feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a relatively larger bell. The stick feel is very lively, The pitch is higher but still rich and warm. These are medium to medium thin cymbals that speak very easily.  Faster and louder, these plates also have depth and complexity in the undertones and a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward and up. At home in studio or live situations.


  • Surface: wide deep lathing by hand
  • Bow: medium taper
  • Bell: larger, articulate, clear
  • Weight: medium to medium thin, very fast but solid response
  • Hammering: deep hammered hot and cold
  • Stick: very crisp and fast
  • Wash: higher pitch, medium long decay

Price: £299.00

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