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Product code: SK-TRF1414-BOP

Sakae Rhythm is a high quality drum manufacturer located in Osaka Japan.  Most players will know the sound VERY well.

Sakae Drums is revisiting a legendary drum sound with the introduction of the Trilogy series. Sakae’s proprietary Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-ply shells are used in a way that has the distinctive Sakae sound, but still pays homage to that vintage sound so loved after all these years. 4-ply North American Maple reinforcement rings at the top and bottom of the shell help to dry the sustain and keep the ultra-thin shell in round

The hardware is from Sakae's PAC-D and Road Anew series. The lightweight hardware (from Sakae's PAC-D and Road Anew series) allows the thin shell to resonate as much as possible.

The perfect kit for the classic Jazz tones of the 50's and the punchy, dry tones of early R&B and 70's Rock.

There are a number of key features which make the name Sakae synonymous with quality:

The shells are perfectly round and feature precisely cut bearing edges allowing for clear attack, great tone and a wide tuning range. They feature bigger air vents, helping to achieve low and rich tones, especially in the bigger toms.

Heavier Transmit lugs ensure better vibration transmission to the shell edge.

Floor toms are suspended from the bottom of the drum, rather than hang, completely isolating the shell's tone.

Price: £429.00

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