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Product code: CTCA1015P

10" x 15cm Caixa (Snare), 6 tuning lugs, aluminium shell & plastic head. Professional standard instrument

The caixa is used to support the rhythm of the surdo with fast, complex .and repetitive rhythms. 

Samba Percussion from Contemporanea, one of the finest makers in Brazil.
·         Diameter 10” (25cm)

·         Overall Width 15.5cm

·         Width of Shell 12.2cm

·         Polished  Aluminium

·         Rims, Chromed with 6 lugs

·         Snare, 12 strand nut tuned (overall length of snare 23cm)

·         Heads plastic batter, resonant snare head -  labelled Contemporânea

·         Weight  1.80kg

Price: £109.00

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