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Product code: CTLAG2

Contemporanea Agogo Double Painted Grey 'Light'. Brazilian Samba.

Contemporanea Pro line instruments are extremely popular among Samba instrument players all over the world. To improve upon their former 'Ginga' line, the company has created another quality lower priced range - Contemporanea Light. As suggested, the Light series is slightly lighter in weight than the Pro series. The shell material is thinner with stabilty in the rims. The shell is made of brushed aluminium and the hardware is varnished.

These drums are made of matt aluminium and have a simple style. The sound and durability maintains the Contemporanea reputation for quality.

The Pro range as well as the Light range are made of thick aluminium sheet, which provides a massive sound to Surdo, Repinique and Caixa.

Agogo Duplo, grey varnish

- Balanced interval
- Neatly welded seam
- Nice and light sound

Price: £35.00

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